Gulf Oil with Manchester United releases a new digital film


‘#GulfGetMovingAgain’ highlights for a practical and better tomorrow as the world decides to restart with a new mind-set.

Gulf Oil International, the official fuel and lubricant partner of Manchester United, has released a new ad film along with Manchester United. The Gulf oil inspired by Manchester United, through this ad film underlines the message ‘The world might have changed but our dreams haven’t ‘.

After months of lockdown facing the crisis, the world carefully and gradually begins its journey towards the new normal by prioritizing health and cleanliness, following public hygiene norms, and keeping social distance. This campaign #GulfGetMovingAgain honors the coming together of humanity and encourages a better path ahead as the world strikes the balance between mobility and safety.

“Through this film, Gulf Oil and Manchester United greet the unlocked tomorrow that all of us have been waiting for, where everything might have changed except our dreams and also the will to achieve them,” says  Ravi Chawla, the managing director, Gulf Oil Lubricants India.

Gulf Oil International motivates and inspires consumers to get moving again. The company along with Manchester United drives home the message that even if the world may have changed amid these challenging times and crisis but our dreams haven’t.

Gulf Oil Lubricants India Limited (GOLIL), branch of a parent gulf brand, markets a vast range of automotive and industrial lubricants, two-wheeler batteries, greases, other automobile products, etc. Presently, gulf oil has its branches in almost a hundred countries across five continents. The Gulf Oil International Group’s prime business is manufacturing and marketing performance lubricants and associated products for all market segments.

There is a line towards the end of the ad film saying, “The world may have changed, but our dreams haven’t. Let us get moving again with the new normal”. When his line was broadcasted across the screen, Manchester United football players are seen stepping out of a tunnel into the ground they play.

The interesting part of the scene is that the ad film talks about dreams and the club’s home stadium, Old Trafford is nicknamed, “The Theatre of Dreams”.


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