Britannia set to roll with “My Marie My startup”


India’s one the front runners in biscuit manufacturers, Britannia, very recently launched a startup initiative “My Marie My startup”, which encourages women to brush up and kick start their entrepreneurial dreams all over again. Over a legacy of more than years, Britannia has always had crystal clear insights and well-defined objectives when it came to advocating initiatives and carrying on successfully with it.

Being an Indian home maker’s tea time companion for about 100 years or so, the brand has evolved over the years, to a propellant which made them so much more in their lives. The brand has spoken for itself and has gone through revolutions too. There were ‘homepreneurs’ in the making in every household, with the highlighted fact that in the process, they weren’t at the cost of their vital roles as homemakers.

In the commissioned report on understanding Indian Women Entrepreneurship, with Nielsen, in 2018, major need gaps were evolved in the form of financial assistance and skill development. This prompted Brittannia to launch such an initiative, to motivate and empower home-makers to consummate their long- end dreams and entrepreneurial ambitions and move forward in their journeys to become self-sufficient and financially independent. Through this initiative, 10 homemakers with innovative and distinct business ideas are awarded a funding capital of Rs 10 lakhs, to get going with their business ventures. In today’s world, these entrepreneurs and job creators are awaited with a plethora of opportunities, thereby becoming the much-needed change-makers in this regard.

In the second edition of this campaign, Brittannia focused primarily on skill development, over and above seed capital, unlike the previous season, and partnered with National Skill Development Corporation in this endeavour. This year the initiative collected over 1.5 million entries from 32 states across the country. 47 participants were shortlisted to submit their business ideas to a jury panel of eminent names from different industries, women entrepreneurs, media and senior Britannia management

Taking into consideration the whole pandemic crisis and the drastic consumer behaviour changes that come along with it, The company has certainly got plan Bs to take this initiative forward successfully. Digital, being the new hang out place and the shopping place for customers, Brittannia has increased the number of e-commerce channels to make the products readily available to the customers.


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