Radio City launches two initiatives to support local businesses


Radio City, India’s leading radio network, has launched a highly technical initiative of Radio City Bazaar, which aims to denote the spotlight onto industrious homegrown businesses to present them a reputable platform for awareness about their business propositions. It’s introducing the thought of ethos of ‘atmanirbharta’ propagated by Mahatma Gandhi the father of the nation and now reiterated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This initiative is giving a chance for the companies to speak about their offerings on-air and reach intent on the varied set of audience.

 The second initiative is the Rag Rag Mein positivity campaign, this campaign intends to spread positive stories on-air through their shows across the nations, giving the citizens hope that, this phase passes soon. The conversations across the channel would be hopeful with the RJs being factual and informative but not bordering on negative sensationalism. To stay the mood of listener’s entertaining, radio city in Maharashtra has initiated a positive pill segment, wherein the RJs across the station are sharing positive stories. The RJ of Radio City’s, Salil, Archana, Ginnie, and all breakfast shows RJ’s across the south are sharing positive stories with tips and tricks for physical and mental well being amidst these tough times. 

Chief creator Officer, Radio city, Kartik Kalla said that they have always been at the forefront to utilize the facility and reach of radio to attach with its audience and produce a positive change within the society. The launch of Radio City Bazaar proved much-needed support and impetus to homegrown businesses and ensure that they’re the voice of local. They aim to provide necessary help to enable the expansion of local businesses to propagate the spirit of entrepreneurship.  Through the positivity campaign, Rag Rag Mein motivates the people from immense negativity being spread across the country, this campaign not only spread happiness but also proactively find information led positive angles in an otherwise challenging situation. Another thing he mentioned is that this may be an endeavor to motivate and instill hope in our listeners to stay up to their spirit and strive for a more helpful future together. 


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