Harpic Launches Swachhta Aur Paani Campaign


Harpic Mission Paani, through its latest initiative ‘Swachhta Aur Paani’ (Hygiene and Water) aims to reinstate the value of water in preserving hygienic activities and focusing on how there is an increased urgency for productive use and conservation. The emphasis for water conservation has obviously become more on preserving drinking water over the years but, it has become apparent with the COVID-19 epidemic that an increased need for water is also evident in ensuring best-in-class hygienic standards to fight diseases.

Water is a problem that affects many Indians’ daily lives. 99 million Indians lack access to clean water, and 541 million Indians lack access to better sanitation, according to Water. Org. Until now, our narratives on water protection have concentrated on keeping drinking water available, but we have recognized with COVID-19 that water is equally important for preserving hygiene and battling diseases.

For decades, Harpic has been a pioneer in hygiene and sanitation in Indian homes and has worked through awareness campaigns to drive behavior change. The new strategic pivot of ‘Swachhta Aur Paani’ (Hygiene and Water) from Harpic Project Paani rests on the essential components of both water and hygiene, and the goal is to get everyone together for a healthy, hygienic, and prosperous tomorrow.

Speaking about the pivot, Mr. Narasimhan Eswar, Senior Vice President, RB Hygiene, South Asia, said, “The mission of RB-to protect, cure and nurture a cleaner and healthier environment in the constant pursuit of it-has never been more important.” Harpic Mission Paani is one of our key campaigns aimed at raising awareness of water conservation and sanitation in India and driving behavior change. At this point, the need for hygienic sanitation alongside effective water treatment is utterly essential for our country. ”

Through Mission Paani, we are now committed to encouraging all our citizens to make optimum use of this vital resource for improved hygiene and sanitation, which will help to save lives. With this strategic transition, Harpic proceeds to play the role of a facilitator in ensuring superior hygiene and cleaner households.

Ms. Sukhleen Aneja, CMO & Marketing Officer, RB Hygiene, South Asia said, “Our battle is to make access to the best standard of health, wellbeing, and nutrition a right and not a luxury. Harpic has been at the forefront of raising consciousness and educating people about the importance of hygiene and sanitation. For more than a year now, Harpic’s Paani Project Campaign has concentrated exclusively on the conservation of water. During the continuing pandemic, the need for water use has intensified to allow for the war against Covid-19. 

Today, we are at a critical threshold, where we face a pandemic and are seeing an ever-depleting amount of water. A valuable natural resource, important to our sustainability and general well-being, needs to be nurtured, preserved, and conserved.


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