HashCash to build effective PPE Supply Chain using Blockchain Technology


HashCash is a multinational tech firm providing applications in Blockchain, AI, Big Data, and IoT across its networks, goods, and services. HashCash Blockchain products allow businesses to transfer money across borders in real-time for remittances, rade financing, payment processing, and more. HashCash operates US-based digital asset trading, PayBito & Digital asset payment system, BillBitcoins.

HashCash Consultants is assisting a leading supplier in the USA to manage and streamline their PPE development and delivery with the support of blockchain technology to increase accessibility.

HashCash Consultants has worked with a major distributor in the United States to help them streamline and promote the development and delivery of PPE kits through multiple platforms so that they stay unsaturated on the market. During the wake of the pandemic, there have been several accounts of PPE fraud and a low-grade PPE entry into the supply chain. Taking this into account, the initiative would also concentrate on ensuring the quality of commodity procurement by manufacturers, by allowing the traceability of products through the supply chain.

As an outcome of the pandemic of COVID-19, Personal Protection Gear has taken priority as the most important item to be bought, not just for those interested in health care, but also for the general public. Demand for high-quality face pads, boots, sanitizers, and suits has risen worldwide. But, owing to supply chain mismanagement, hospitals and healthcare workers were struggling to procure PPE packages at one level.

Although the condition may have changed since then, there are quite a few bugs inside the program that need to be addressed. Despite the reality that demand for PPE kits is not declining, producers have expanded their production and are searching for ways to streamline the activity of enhanced and unsaturated material on the market.

HashCash’s partnership with leading PPE producers focuses on leveraging blockchain supply chain networks to automate the whole process inside a unified network. It would allow producers to properly communicate with vendors, retailers, and also healthcare organizations that position orders in bulk. The HC Net blockchain network of HashCash would be leveraged to create a centralized and open supply chain infrastructure.

All individuals engaged in the production, supply, and distribution will be active participants within the network who will be able to track the movement of kits in real-time, ensuring transparency and traceability of the process. Such a comprehensive solution will optimize and speed up the entire process, help to satisfy market demand with uninterrupted supply, and allow space for urgent supply where the circumstance emerges.


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