Havas Media Group is launching a new E-commerce vertical


Now HMG India has entered E-commerce as Havas Market, a full-service e-commerce offering that aims to empower consumers in their shopping journey, by providing meaningful e-retail experiences and generating incremental business for brands. 

Using a unique technique that goes beyond advertising, Havas Market will provide a thorough insight and analysis across all sales channels, including 50+ marketplaces. Insights and research, retail and content management, sponsored media, sales analytics, and other skills will be included. 

Havas Market will provide a competitive advantage by delivering one-stop E-commerce solutions to manage companies’ economies of scale in India, which is experiencing phenomenal E-commerce development powered by pandemic-accelerated digital adoption and a quick expansion of internet services.

HMG India has recruited Sharukh Lakhani as an in charge of operational – Havas Market in India to oversee the E-commerce segment. 11 years of expertise in the E-commerce market, working in numerous areas; he is also an expert in the brand, retailer, and agency sides of the ecosystem.

Lakhani will be collaborating with Provit Chemmani, HMG’s global e-commerce expansioner, Rohan Chincholi, Havas Media Group India’s Head of Digital Services, and a team of experts in research, insights, performance media, content, and analytics.

Rana Barua, the CEO, of HMG India, commented on the launch, saying that with the launch of Havas Market, India is prepared to become a leader in delivering meaningful shopping experiences for customers. It provides clients with real-time market intelligence and assists them in making better decisions based on data and technology

He also expressed his enthusiasm toward the Group’s ambitious ambitions, which include creating new paths that will not only increase our capabilities but also assure the upskilling of people and processes, resulting in a seamless and integrated experience for clients.

The current e-retail landscape in India, according to Mohit Joshi, CEO of HMG India, is tremendously competitive and difficult for consumers. Consumers are spending more on Fashion, beauty, electronics, mobile, food, healthcare, and entertainment,

He went on to say that India’s online transaction users number in the hundreds of millions. Given the diverse client base of HMG India, the group has spotted a huge opportunity to build an in-house e-commerce practice. 

Finally, he stated that Havas Market aimed to become the industry’s go-to-market company, providing an end-to-end solution and optimization for clients’ e-commerce businesses. And certain that Havas and its existing skills will enable a superb team of professionals to scale the vertical and push it to even higher heights.

Consumers today, according to Rohan Chincholi, are continuously in the search for ease and convenience in their purchasing process. HM will assist them in rethinking the retail process and, as a result, reaching out to more engaged customers. HMG’s Converged data partnership & Mx process, leverage connection, context, and content to create the most meaningful experience for customers, and will guide the strategy.

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