Consumers to purchase products directly from brands; post-pandemic


In a recent report, it is suggested that Gen Z consumers are more likely to order or purchase products directly from the brand or company.

About 68 per cent of Gen Z users have ordered or purchased products directly from the brand. And 58% of millennials have also purchased products from the brand in the past six months.

In comparison, 37 per cent of Gen X users and 21 per cent of boomers have similarly bought products from the brand directly.

When asked what the reason was for buying the products directly, 60 per cent of the users say it is a better, satisfying and trustable experience. About 59 per cent of the users say that purchasing directly from the store will help them receive better offers and access to brand loyalty programs.

The report also states that more than half of the consumers are satisfied to share their data. More than a third of the consumers are willing to share data on how they purchase their products and what their preferences are.

These customers also state that brand offers are one of the many reasons why they are willing to share their shopping experience and information.

Tim Bridges from Capgemini said that sharing the data of the customers will help the public understand the need and quality of purchasing products directly. Moreover, it will also help the brand to understand the customer needs so that it can cater to them.

While e-commerce stores dominated in 2020 and 2021, the feedback from customers proves that e-commerce will not overshadow or overtake physical stores. The customers say that they prefer interaction with the store people to confidently purchase the products.

Data shows that boomers are most likely to purchase products in-store while half of the Gen Z users prefer to purchase online due to convenience. The products arriving at the doorstep plays a huge role in the establishment of e-commerce stores.

The customers concluded by saying that whether the pandemic continues or not, the consumers expect cleanliness and hygiene at all stores. The pandemic has played a huge part in that regard which prompts the consumers to take precautions wherever they go.

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