Preparing the PR industry for 2022


Over the last few years, major global PR companies have started their consultancies in India. As a result, the Indian PR industry is going at a steady pace.

According to a reliable report, the estimates of the size of the industry is pegged at over Rs 2,000 crore. The growth is at about 12%. In new start-ups and legacy organizations, PR is becoming a trusted business partner.

With the new year comes new challenges for the PR industry. Let’s go through some of the challenges that are expected in 2022.

Business Growth

The growth for the agencies has been challenging yet, gaining some momentum during this time. There is the need and help of robust PR in the start-up ecosystem. Clients may not easily shift agencies. Some clients are negotiated into new commercial terms since the pandemic started. More people will be hired this way. They will invest in technology adaptation and training. After hitting the first quarter, a picture of the industry will be visible to understand, cope up and manage growth. Strong differentiation in the offerings and adding value to the clients business should be things to look at to maintain a long term relationship.

Technology adoption in PR

The evolving technology will impact the PR industry. The industry is now upgrading and upskilling technology capabilities. The willingness to adopt technology is the key to success. Agencies leveraging technology will surge ahead in the current world because of the increasing client demand. They should be agile in the changing dynamics of the media landscape.

The agency teams should be quick as the online reputation and influencer marketing are expecting turnarounds and results.

Content – a key driver

Content is the king and still plays a major role in PR. Generating fresh content is key as it increases the consumption of content. Interesting content is a challenge to make and engages varied audiences. To stand out, agencies will need a creative and strong content team. They should deliver and narrate better stories. Customising and delivering to the niche media, either online or offline or both are important.

The dynamics of media brought in a change in the consumption pattern. Timespan available for the audience to browse content is less. Brands and agencies need to collaborate closely on content delivery. It should be interesting and engaging to the audience.

The right training

Continuous training is essential in the PR business. Education and training can deliver benefits like job satisfaction and better opportunities to grow in the organization. It motivates the employees and gains respect from their clients by continuously adding value to their business.

Attribution rate

Talent churn will continue in the industry. The quality of talent and attribution issues will struggle as well. The reasons could be job satisfaction, growth in career to the pay scales. At the HR level, the agencies need to bring new ideas to motivate and engage with the employees and continue to address their issues.

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