Pinterest metrics and how useful it is for marketers


These days, it has become common to have a strong social media presence for brands along with their traditional channels. Social media offers solutions for brands to make people aware. It helps to engage with customers and offer a good experience to them by making a two-way relationship.

Pinterest has been a social media channel that has been helping marketers for amplifying a brand signature. A lot of effective, handy tools are offered by the image-sharing social media service to monitor the performance of their pins.

Now let us look at how online video intelligence and analytics platform Vidooly points out the key metrics that marketers need to know while using the platform in 2022.

  • Impressions: This is the number of times a pin is shown. A person can view it more than once.
  • Saves (Repins): The number of times your pin was saved by someone. It adds value to your content. Impression and audience increase accordingly.
  • Engaged audience: The number of people that engaged with the pins. People who clicked, saved, commented and reacted to your pins comes under this.
  • Pin clicks: The percentage of pins clicked by people to see them up close. When the percentage, the engagement also increases.
  • Total audience: The total number of unique views generated by the pins. The same profiles view you if your impression is high but the total audience is low.
  • Engagements: The number of people that clicked your posts. The ‘Saves’ of your pins are considered as engagements as well.
  • Followers driven: The number of new followers that you gained through a particular pin. It gives you the relevance of your pin among people.
  • Outbound clicks: The total number of clicks generated through URLs shared. Good for a call to action and conversion.
  • Top pins: These are the best-performing pins. It can be a guiding principle in deciding your content.
  • Other pins: It gives you the data of pins created by people from your websites or other related accounts. It is helpful to build a connection with your community.
  • Top boards: Data on which boards performed the best. To increase traction, you can pin your relevant posts to those boards.

Audience Insights:

  • Demographic: You can measure the audience by age, devices used, gender, language spoken, etc. It helps you optimize your pins accordingly and strategize for the right audience.
  • Interests: You can pinpoint the different interest categories the audience are interested in. You can find different interest segments by finding a specific trending category. You can also find your audience’s affinity to engage with that content.
  • Geographic: This tells you where your audience is coming from to help you post accordingly. Location-specific language, local offers, news, events, etc. 

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