Pinterest launches Idea Pins


Pinterest, the image-sharing social platform, launches a new product called Idea Pins – it is a multi-page video format for creators and creatives. This tool has been launched in a few countries as of now, namely, India, the US, UK, Indonesia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, and France.

Idea Pins makes will make it very easy for creators to post high-quality, save-able, and long-lasting content directly to Pinterest. It is an evolution of Story Pins. Creators are going to have access to a bunch of new publishing tools such as fresh editing tools, video-first features, and updates. 

Idea Pins has the following features: 

· Engaging elements such as tagging people and stickers

· Multi-draft save for creators so that they can publish more ideas

· Export options to share content beyond Pinterest on other platforms as well

· Topic tagging- a feature that helps connect content to relevant interests

· Music selection 

· Ghost mode tools 

· Elaborated pages for instructions 

· Video recording and editing can be done for up to 20 pages of content 

· Voice-over recording for creators so that they can add their voice or music.

All the Pinterest users will see Idea Pins from their favorite and loved creators that they follow at the top of their home feed. These following streams give users a new way to see fresh and new content from creators they follow and also help discover new creators.

The company is also showing Idea Pins in other places, like, in the search bar, the Today Tab, and the top of creator profiles. Idea Pins will be shown in the special full-screen stream view, designed to inspire and engage the users.

Along with the new Creator Code, moderation features which were announced last month, the app is also trying to help creators build their presence on Pinterest by building various tools.

There are new updates to Analytics as well that will help creators learn what content connects with their target audience. The new Followers and Profile Visits metric will notify the creators how their Idea Pins have driven engagement with their account. This update has also made accessing other important engagement metrics like saves comments and reactions easier for the Pinners, all of which affect creators’ content distribution.

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