Brands Celebrate on #PrideMonth


Pride Month is a month-long celebration. It is celebrated every year in June that is marked by festivities, parades, and events. It’s about people coming together in love and friendship to show how each one of us supports the gay right. It is celebrated to make people aware and believe in equality in love and to brief them on the pride history.

PRIDE (Personal Rights in Defense and Education) month not only celebrates the LGBTQ community but also highlights the struggles faced by the community. The pride month is celebrated across countries and cities.

Pride month is celebrated globally as it displaysan individual’s rights to autonomy, intimacy, and identity. These stories about LGBTQ rights are considered to be a community platform for the next generation who come out courageously and accept their choice without the fear of society.

As this beautiful month’s celebration has come to end, brands haven’t failed to come up with some beautiful initiatives to show how strong the pride community is.

Since the start of the month, various fashion brands have come up with many schemes and discounts. Here’s how few fashion brands are celebrating by offering special collections in June.

Nike has partnered with it’s equality ambassadors such as LGBT athletes in their Be True For Equality campaign. And their mission statement is to make sports more inclusive, Nike is announcing their financial support for organizations raise voice for equality through their Be True fund.

Kenneth Cole has been supporting LGBT equality for over 25 years now, so for celebrating Pride month this year, they gave their Kam sneaker a makeover with a rainbow stripe. This signified the brand’s continued support towards the community and encourages others to show their support.

For the launch of new products, the Tied with Pride campaign brought together 6 individuals from the LGBT community and profiled their stories.

Having a  majority of youth following, Instagram has been known as a place for activism and expression. And to celebrate this fact, with Pride month, the social media platform introduced 5 young LGBT leaders to their role models for encouraging conversation about their work and lives.

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