OkCupid Announces 60 more identities: More choices to LGBTQ+


The current scenario and restoration of article 377 made a severe conflict situation in different parts of the country. Day by Day the importance of discussing equality and freedom to determine their own identity, their own gender is gaining popularity.

OkCupid, the first Indian online dating platform to release over 60 identities for LGBTQ. In the initial stages, the platform has been providing several identities and characters by exclusively working on identifying the customer needs and thoroughly addressing them. The community has been excessively carrying out programs for gender inclusion and constantly fights over the authorities’ negative approach towards LGBTQ.

Through this new identity release, the platform opens up to celebrate and find their kind of love without any fear of judgment. This global release offers a range of special identities starting from Femme, Hard Femme, Bottom, Butch, Bear, High Femme, Versatile, Boi, etc.

OkCupid features the identities and allows the users to proceed directly with their nature and sexual orientation and what they want in a partner.

The global release is done with proper backstage works and thorough research. The identities are released in consultation with community experts including the largest LGBTQ rights organization, The Human Rights Commission.

The OkCupid Community upholds the message of ‘find your kind of love and reinforces the point of ‘never compromise on your love’.

OkCupid community is the first in the category to offer the users to choose their preferred pronoun or create one and include it in their profile. This option boosted the app’s productivity and gained much popularity across the country that currently over 2 million satisfied customers are in the community.

The statistics show that 7 out of 10 Indians strongly support that, OkCupid has done a great job in matching their profiles with due care on respecting their identity and over 97%of users support marriage equality.

OkCupid is the first-ever dating app to give users the choice to select among 20 options on sexual orientations and 22 gender options. To make a change and to come up with a revolutionary concept of gender equality inclusive of all genders, the community continuously working and Raising a hand to find the queer a meaningful and worthy match for themselves in a significant manner.

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