Pride Month: Watch these iconic shows that celebrate LGBTQ characters.


Personal Rights in Defense and Education (PRIDE) month is noticed each year to celebrate the LGBTQ community and also feature the struggle faced by those communities. The month-long celebrations were marked by parades, festivities, and events to not only just honour LGBTQ experiences and voices, but also to draw attention to the discrimination and issues that the members of the LGBTQ community still face.

In this Pride month, here are some handpicked shows that stand out in their representation of the LGBTQ community and their problems sensitively.  

Schitt’s Creek

This is the story about a family that immediately goes bankrupt and the only asset that remains is an unpleasant small town called Schitt’s Creek. Daniel Levy, who played David’s character, garnered notice as one of the first openly pansexual characters portrayed on TV. The casual treatments of his sexuality and the non-appearance of any homophobia have also been noted as rare for TV.


F.R.I.E.N.D.S follows the lives of six careless adults who live in Manhattan, as they indulge in the adventure which makes their lives both happening and troublesome. F.R.I.E.N.D.S is flawed in how it depicts having LGBTQ parents Carol and Susan (who is Ross’ ex-wife).

Made in Heaven

Made in Heaven is a binge-worthy show about the rich society wife Tara Khanna and her gay business partner or friend Karan Mehra (played by Arjun Mathur), who plans weddings while dealing with the trials and tribulations of their personal lives – snoopy landlords, philandering husbands and bone-breaking loan sharks, to name some. Indian screen finally got a central rigid character, who has both a complex personality and a complex story. The writers, along with Arjun Mathur, deserve all the praise that came their way for not holding back in depicting the prejudices the gay community facing in India, sometimes in several situations as routine as the house-hunting. Karan’s doubtful position as the proponent of gay rights in India made another bold statement about how even today, there is insufficient representation of homosexuality in India, and his curve with Ramesh Gupta (Vinay Pathak) spotlighted how the talk around sexuality is still confined within privileged, educated circles till date.

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