ZEE5 will telecast the Friends: The Reunion episode


Friends, the Reunion has bombed all the social media timelines, and now brands are also taking note of it.  Zee5 is going to set the broadcast of friends, the special reunion episode in India. Those brands state that this made-for-moment marketing event won’t go unanswered.

Hence ZEE5 is taking this golden opportunity to broadcast on their channel so that they could have more viewers. Their channel could have more ratings. Many other brands such as Bumble India, Zomato, John Jacobs Eyewear, and some others are also coming up now with the much-anticipated episode of the American sitcom.

Thereafter, John Jacobs Eyewear has even added creative content on their social media along with a message. They spoke by specifically stating the one who has eyewear issues, they have got you and After all, what are F.R.I.E.N.D.S for?

Whereas their concerned approach towards the crafting content is concentrated through delivering conversation starters, and even some topics have resemblance with their audience feelings. By bringing innovative content around the trending conversation will persuade them to strike the goal with their customers. By keeping up with their right strategy fresh, that will allude them to increase their engagement and could make scroll-stoppers. This strategy could bestow them their content space to stand out and will be memorable well beyond the trend of the day states Mahalaxmi Iyer, Head of Brand Marketing.

Food delivery band, Zomato has struck the correct spot of food along with a nostalgia theme with the undercurrent of the Friends Nostalgia, and this had provoked Indians to watch the new episode of friends. Indians are big fans of that episode, and now they can’t wait any longer to watch that. Moreover, it’s been always a great idea to hold on to something that has become exclusive news. Friends have become an iconic sitcom, and that continues to be one of the top shows.

However, the fandom around it blows us a good chance to expand their content, especially for some brands. Zomato for some time has kept messaging daily, which brought their business back. This messaging has done a good help for them, as it made their best moment for marketing initiatives.

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