HDFC Bank gains 4 lakh new credit card users post lifting of RBI ban


Speeding up its master card acquisition, HDFC Bank has issued 4 lakh new credit cards after lifting RBI’s ban last month. The bank has set a record by issuing quite 4 lakh credit cards since HDFC was banned, a personal sector lender said during a news conference on Wednesday.

The new card releases indicate the bank’s aggressive growth trajectory as of September 21, 2021, which banned the rediscovery and co-creation of the MasterCard portfolio with strong products and partnerships, THE HDCF Bank said.
He said the team chairman, consumer finance, digital banking bank has achieved record-high acquisitions in customer segments and is prepared to disrupt the industry because it excels at school cards all told categories.

The HDFC Group Head of Payments, Consumer Finance, Digital Banking & IT at HDFC Bank, Parag Rao said the bank will build its master card acquisition in no time and endeavor to regain the lost market soon to a client.
Since the ban is life, we proudly announce the problem of a replacement card which is able to increase by 4 lakhs in a very short period time till the tip of September this month.

Its biggest achievement is “This is that the most significant milestone in my lifetime achievement and that I believe it’s the most important within the industry in an exceedingly very short time…We need never-ending development strategy as we move forward,” Rao said. August, the RBI again partially lifted the ban on issuing the new credit cards to clients imposed on the bank in December last year because of repeated instances of technology outages.

But the RBI has continued with the restrictions on the restrictions on the new launches on the digital front on the lender and new client. Maybe it’s help for personal sector lender, HDFC Bank on the quarter day said it’s issued over four lakh credit cards since the embargo by the depository financial institution of India (RBI) was lifted.
The new client MasterCard variants are available to customers in October’21. Regarding the identical, the bank said. Maybe it’s help.
The months that we have spent reading and sharpening our strategy are now bearing fruit. We are ready to unveil best-in-class offerings and experience to our customers, just in time for the festive season,” he added.

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