Heads Up For Tails launches ‘#WomansBestFriend’ campaign this International Women’s Day


India’s leading omni-channel pet care brand, HUFT, celebrates the beautiful friendship between women & their furry friends via a heartwarming campaign

March 2022: Love knows no gender, and no one knows this better than our pets! A pet’s love is unconditional, and in many ways – blind. A wagging tail knows nothing about looks. A paw will not judge you for your gender. They just need a heart to love, a heart that will be the centre of their universe.

Pets are often called a ‘man’s best friend’. This International Women’s day, Heads Up For Tails revisits this phrase and celebrates the beautiful friendship a woman shares with her furry friend through a special campaign called “#WomansBestFriend”.

This love, affection, and bond shared between women and pets has been captured through a heartwarming brand film https://youtu.be/kptWCdxW66o

Women throughout history have shared intimate relationships with their pets and this film is an ode to that friendship. The film captures stories of real women from different walks of life and their relationship with their furry companions & how they make their lives whole.

Pet Parent & Founder of Heads Up For Tails – Rashi Narang said, “I have grown up with pets and can’t imagine my life without them. As a woman, my dogs have always been my pillars of strength, silent caregivers and happy place. They complete my family!”

Speaking about the campaign, Samriddh Dasgupta, Chief Marketing Officer, Heads Up For Tails said, “At Heads Up For Tails, we believe in celebrating the bond between pets and their human companions. They aren’t just a man’s best friend but everyone’s best friend in times good & bad. The #WomansBestFriend campaign aims to showcase the depth of the beautiful friendships between women and their pets with stories from real women showcasing how their pets stick by their side when they need them the most through the years. There are so many such stories around us – of women & their pet(s) who walk hand-in-paw through every walk of life. It is time to celebrate these stories and more.” 

So this Women’s Day, Heads Up For Tails says – A pet is a man’s Woman’s Best Friend.