This International Women’s Day Scentiments Global calls to DARE DREAM & LIVE through #Lightoflife


Candles embody the persona of what women have contributed to humankind in roles of sacrificing nurturing and caregiving, alike candle they exhaust themselves to illuminate the lives of people that they live for and live with. 

Scentiments Global – An artisanal candle studio working with amalgamated ingenuity of women to impersonate and express their creativity in form of candles that are, handmade, hand-poured and made from organically sourced wax. 

This International Women’s Day we come together to celebrate oneness as #Lightoflife to reveal the joy of womanhood and possibilities of collective action that lead to women empowerment. 

Commenting on the initiative, Ms. Nitu Singh, founder-Scentiments Global said,” This is a collective action where all the fifteen of us ideate, discuss, disagree, pass snidey remarks at times but come up with most creative artisan candles, This provides us (the women) a space to dialogue, argue and bring the best out of us. On this women’s day, I on behalf of this team would want to give out the message of hope and illuminated future to all aspiring & powerful fellow women. Please DARE DREAM & LIVE.

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