HelpAge India organizes empowering Walkathon in Mumbai

HelpAge India organizes empowering Walkathon in Mumbai The event marked the International Day of Older Person

The event marked the International Day of Older Persons

Mumbai, 29 September 2023: HelpAge India, dedicated to improving the lives of elderly citizens, organized a Walkathon event aimed at raising awareness to enhance the quality of life for ageing women in India. The event marked the International Day of Older Persons with the theme- Empowering Women: Roles, Resilience & Recognition, and witnessed enthusiastic participation from senior citizens and students.

The event served as a platform to address the critical issues faced by elderly women in the country, and several key measures were highlighted to ensure their welfare. These included promoting gainful employment and friendly working environments, raising awareness on the importance of physical and mental well-being, cultivating a culture of empathy and respect for senior citizens, and implementing digital training workshops tailored to the needs of older women. Additionally, HelpAge India also emphasized the necessity of combatting elder abuse, promoting redressal mechanisms, and empowering women with knowledge about their rights and entitlements. Simplifying procedures and processes to apply for government welfare schemes to ensure timely access to support was also advocated.

Mr Valerian Pais, Joint Director – Programme, Maharashtra & Goa, HelpAge India remarked, “The event underscores our commitment to empowering elder women and for that, it is imperative that we address the unique challenges faced by them. Through such initiatives, we aim to raise awareness, foster empathy and create a society where they can live with dignity. It is HelpAge India’s unwavering mission to advocate for the rights of senior citizens, especially elder women, to ensure they are treated respectfully in society.”

The non-profit organization also appreciated the corporates for supporting this cause for senior citizens during the event. All the participants including senior citizens, students and corporate entities also played Antakshri and participated in other fun activities.