Himalaya’s new campaign for a solution to pimples in men


One of India’s leading wellness brands, Himalaya Wellness Company, unveils a new campaign positioning Himalaya MEN Pimple Clear Neem Face Wash as the most effective solution for men’s pimples, with the power of nature and science. 

The campaign encourages young males to find the appropriate remedy for their acne problems rather than experimenting with strange recommendations by presenting “Ladkon ke pimples ka sahi solution.” 

After a cricket match, a group of pals returns to their dressing room, with the spotlight on a boy with acne. A friend teases him about how a female at the match was staring at him, and the boy responds that she was staring at his pimples, while he looks worried in the mirror. 

Friends then offer him various advice, such as using soap and bursting the pimple. Then Rishabh Pant joins the group and tells them that there is only one treatment for men’s pimples: Himalaya MEN Pimple Clear Neem Face Wash, which is specially developed for men’s skin and helps efficiently manage pimples. 

Every Himalaya product, according to Rahul Panchal, General Manager-Marketing, attempts to solve consumers’ day-to-day personal care difficulties, and this vision epitomizes the brand’s objective of providing Wellness to every Home and Happiness to every Heart. 

Boys, too, despise pimples, according to their ongoing market research, and they experiment with acne remedies. As a result, the new Himalaya MEN campaign debunks myths about numerous trials to treat pimples and portrays the brand as Ladkon ke pimples ka sahi solution. 

According to Abhinav Chugh, category manager at Himalaya Wellness Company, their new ad is aimed at young boys who, as teenagers, get acne. Boys feel self-conscious about their appearance at this age, especially if they are interested in a girl. 

This advertisement attempts to urge all young guys to choose the best acne treatment for them. Rishabh Pant, the brand ambassador, is the ideal influencer for these young guys, debunking their fallacies and offering the correct solution. 

Rishabh Pant expressed his delight at the opportunity to collaborate with Himalaya Men on this campaign, which aims to reduce the use of conventional skincare alternatives, particularly among young boys. Himalaya Men is taking a step in the right path by employing television commercials to disseminate a message that will educate young individuals about proper skin care procedures. 

Young men have become highly grooming-conscious in recent years, according to Prateek Srivastava, Co-Founder, Chapter Five Brand Solutions. They want to get rid of their pimples and look decent, but they are unsure of how to accomplish it. 

They have no one to turn to for guidance but their similarly clueless acquaintances. This campaign provides a unique and practical approach to men’s grooming. The celebrity (Rishabh Pant) was also extremely well utilized. 

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