Hiring activity increased by 4 %: Report


According to research, hiring activity increased by 4% sequentially in July, with the increase primarily split among metros. According to Monster.com’s Monster Employment Index, July 2021 witnessed a remarkable overall monthly rise of 4% in hiring across all metros, compared to June.

Overall job posts increased by 8% year over year in July, indicating a positive picture for the next months, according to the report. Monster India’s Monster Employment Index is a detailed survey of online job posting activity.

According to the survey, job listings have increased in businesses that were previously experiencing a downturn owing to the pandemic, such as travel and tourism, office equipment and automation, and real estate.

It observed that job postings in travel and tourism increased by 16 per cent month over month, providing welcome relief to an industry that has been struggling since the start of COVID-19. Other industries, such as shipping/marine (14%), office equipment/automation (9%), and real estate (9%), have also seen month-over-month increases.

However, areas such as government/public sector/defence (1%) and media and entertainment (3%) saw a decrease in recruiting activity, according to the report. In the meantime, consecutive job posts increased by 8% in Delhi-NCR, 7% in Pune, 7% in Hyderabad, 7% in Chennai, and 6% in Bengaluru in July.

In other cities, such as Ahmedabad (2%) and Baroda (1%), monthly hiring activity was low or non-existent, whereas Jaipur remained consistent. According to the survey, month-over-month recruitment activity was upbeat or neutral across all employment levels, with a 5% increase in hiring for entry-level jobs (0-3 years). Hiring climbed by 7%, 7%, and 4% in intermediate roles (4-6 years), mid-senior professionals (7-10 years), and senior professionals (11-15 years), respectively.

According to the research, the employment of top management professionals (with more than 16 years of experience) has seen a slow monthly increase. Despite the difficulties of Covid-19 and its impact on the hiring scene, job advertisements have increased in most locations. Jobs in some industries, such as technology and information technology, are in high demand as businesses seek to improve their technological capabilities and labour efficiency.

While some businesses are doing better than others, given the vigorous immunisation programmes presently happening, we may be confident of seeing improvement in the next months, according to Monster.com CEO Sekhar Garissa.

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