Hitachi Energy supports electrification of rail routes


Hitachi Energy is a global leader in power technologies. It has a comprehensive grid portfolio across the whole value chain.

Hitachi Energy India Limited was formerly known as ABB Power Products and Systems India Limited. It is a part of Hitachi Energy Group.

On Wednesday, Hitachi Energy India acquired orders exceeding Rs 160 crore to supply key electric elements to assist the electrification of rail routes in the country.

The company stated that Indian Railways, being the world’s fourth-largest railway network, aims to achieve 100 percent electrification of board-gauge routes by 2023.

In October-December 2021, Chittaranjan Locomotive Works (CLW) and Diesel Loco Modernisation Works (DMW) placed orders for traction transformers for passenger and freight locomotives with Hitachi Energy. CLW and DMW are the government’s electric locomotive manufacturers.

The electrification of rail is a vital component of India’s drive towards net-zero carbon emissions.

India reasserted its commitment to shifting to electricity for transport by 2030 and reducing the economy’s carbon intensity by 45 percent. It was announced in the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26), conducted from 31 October-12 November 2021.

 The electrification of rail is a significant aspect to achieve the targets.

N Venu, Managing Director, and CEO of Hitachi Energy India stated that electricity would be the foundation of the entire energy system and they are dedicated to the accelerated electrification and reduction of carbon dioxide of the world’s transportation and rail sectors.

He also mentioned that Indian Railways is a long-established customer of Hitachi Energy and these orders show that Hitachi Energy is considered as a trusted partner for the rail industry.

Venu stated that a clean and dependable electric rail network is essential for India to create a better and supporting movement of people and goods and also reduce the environmental impact.

Traction transformers are vital elements in the traction chain that influences both train performance and operator services. Most of the world’s electric locomotives and train sets are operated by Hitachi Energy transformers.

To facilitate main train functions like traction, lighting, ventilation, signaling, braking, and communication, the pioneering technology leader has a global installed base of approximately 30,000 units of transformers.

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