Homegrown brand GOKYO fulfills India’s rising demand for quality outdoor clothing & gear

Homegrown brand GOKYO fulfills India’s rising demand for quality outdoor clothing & gear
Homegrown brand GOKYO fulfills India’s rising demand for quality outdoor clothing & gear
Leading founder Venkatesh Maheshwari (Venki) combines his mountaineering passion and apparel industry experience to serve the growing Indian outdoor community
Mumbai, 27th November 2023: The spirit of exploration and adventure has gripped India, propelling a surge in trekking, mountaineering, camping, safari tours, and nature exploration both domestically and internationally. Despite this fervor, Indian outdoor enthusiasts have long yearned for apparel and accessories that seamlessly blend style, quality, and performance without breaking the bank.
Answering the call, Gokyo, a vibrant homegrown brand, has emerged as a trailblazer in India’s trekking and outdoor performance apparel market. Spearheaded by Venkatesh Maheshwari, aka Venki, a seasoned trekker & mountaineer with summits including Mt. Everest, the GOKYO team draws inspiration from the best international outdoor brands, combining it with their three decades of expertise in the apparel industry and an unwavering passion for the outdoors.
With a corporate & consulting background working with leading retailers globally, Venki identified a gap in the Indian market for premium-quality clothing tailored specifically for outdoor pursuits.
In the words of Venki, “Gokyo is more than a brand; it’s the realization of a dream born from our love for the Himalayas and a commitment to provide premium outdoor clothing for like-minded Indians. Inspired by Gokyo Ri, a peak nestled in the Everest region and the adjacent lake near a Sherpa community village, our brand is a fusion of international style & performance fabrics to meet the rugged demands of outdoor adventures.”
Gokyo’s product range is thoughtfully categorized into 3 series, catering to different climates and terrains: The SHERPA Series for extreme cold, ALPINE for mild winters, and EXPLORER for regular weather. Each series boasts unique fabrics and detailing, offering a comprehensive selection of  trekking pants, T-shirts, hiking shirts, jackets, base layers, cargoes, and accessories such as trekking poles, shoes, sleeping bags, backpacks,  caps, crampons, and headlamps etc. Plans are underway to expand the assortment in shoes, tents and climbing equipment.
Additionally, Gokyo stands out as a brand that addresses the challenges faced by women trekkers, ensuring they find the perfect apparel to accompany them on their outdoor adventures. It’s a commitment to inclusivity and recognizing the diverse needs of the trekking community.
Having started retailing a year ago on their website, www.gokyo.in, the brand has quickly gained traction, prompting them to extend their presence to Amazon. The enthusiastic response on Instagram (@gokyo.in) and positive customer feedback led to an expanded product line and the opening of their inaugural retail experiential store in Malad, Mumbai. A visit to the store, conceptualized in-house, immerses customers in the outdoor ambiance, providing an instant surge of energy.
Gokyo’s product range is also available at many outdoor apparel outlets and the brand has ambitious plans for expansion through a franchise model across the country.
The mission extends beyond the creation of a remarkable Indian outdoor brand; it is for GOKYO to serve as a catalyst for explorers to embark on their adventure and self-discovery journeys in style and with the right clothing and gear.