How Brands held on during the pandemic?


This pandemic has been all about fighting together and stepping up for each other, through all the possible ways. The chaos this crisis has created has put everything out of order, right from our day to day plans, work, and even vacations. Most importantly, this crisis taught us to adapt to the changes happening around us and rise to the occasions.

The extent to which brands have stood for themselves, and most importantly, for others, has been commendable. Starting with Pepsico India’s latest campaign #Heartwork which handheld and brought in together over 40 brands, to thanks and express gratitude to all the unsung heroes who have been taking part in the war against the deadly virus. Dilen Gandhi, senior director, food category, Pepsico, reacts to this whole scenario very optimistically. Watching people around, going on with their jobs, without any expectation of rewards or appreciation has moved her completely.

Lay’s conveyed its token of gratitude to all the unsung heroes who took part to fight the crisis out, including truck drivers, farmers, retailers, and many more who put in their efforts wholeheartedly, through a campaign. Over 40 brands including Flipkart, Airtel, Swiggy, Zomato, Dunzo, Whisper, Gillette, Domino’s, KFC, Cadbury’s, and Vistara, were appreciated for their #heartwork and commitment by sharing customized virtual branded lays.

Zee entertainment shook the social media off, by leaving their audience perplexed with its #13thKiTayyari campaign. An outdoor teaser- ad splash was organized which came out very interesting. Billboards across the city, from various brands, such as Cadbury, Amul, Nestle, who were vocal about preparing for July 13th. The previous week, a partnership was launched by Unilever and Oyo for strengthened hotel hygiene across select properties in India and other international markets. The bottom line is when the time gets rough, frontiers and borders disappear, bringing everyone together, to hold traction.


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