Data science is a common jargon in the present world. Its application spreads across various fields. The Post Covid-19 will see an exponential growth of Data Science. Data scientists are now analyzing trends and extracting relevant information to assist government authorities during this Covid times. There are so many challenges related with this field and every challenge should be addressed. We are going to discuss about how the Data science will influence the world Post-Covid-19.

Advanced visualization of Data

Governments and researchers are analyzing and making conclusions from the data and closely watching the day-to day developments due to Covid-19. To understand the impact of pandemic, decision-makers should be able to corelate among various factors related with the issue. But multiple organizations are involved in this activity and therefore processing huge amount of data and providing visualization within a short period of time is a tedious task.

If such visualization become late, then it will be too late for the world to take the necessary precautions. Now we are facing a situation like this. If we would have had such information earlier, then authorities would have been able to take necessary steps before the pandemic. It might have given a warning to the Global superpowers and other International authorities to declare an emergency in the very early stages.

Everything going Cloud

Every business is now going Cloud. It makes the Operations quick and reduce the cost. Using a cloud, enables the employees of the organizations to access their files from anywhere in the world. Due to the lockdown in major cities, companies are facing problem in achieving their mission and objectives. Cloud adoption enables the companies to bring flexibility in their working conditions by providing access to Data from remote locations.

Data management in Medical Health Records

During this Covid-19 pandemic, Health sector is most happening sector now.

Artificial Intelligence is a common term nowadays. AI is making its presence felt in these hard pressed times. The one thing that feeds AI is Data. While taking the case of Health sector, application of AI is in the infant stages. Post Covid-19 will saw a tremendous application of AI and Blockchain technology in keeping the Medical Health records. Using Blockchain technology, privacy issues in keeping medical records can be ensured.

Language processing solutions

Along with the Covid-19 virus, fake news is also disturbing human lives. It’s a head ache for many Central Governments. Social media is the main arena for this activity. Fake news is not a new issue to the social media. Global tech giant Facebook is seriously dealing with this issue and implemented many technical changes in their social media platforms like WhatsApp and Instagram. But still there are some limitations in this problem. Developing AI tools may help to solve this issue. Language processing tools enables the system to identify which data is right and which is wrong. Data should always be right. Otherwise the processed information from it creates confusions.


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