How gaming brands and mobile marketing are connected


We can see how digital penetration is steadily expanding in India. In addition, according to the Pitch Madison Advertising Report 2022, digital would expand by about 8,000 crores to Rs. 33,070 crore in 2022, increasing its proportion from 34 per cent to 37 per cent. 

In 2022, digital will overtake TV as the most popular media in India, with a 37 per cent share. While digital encompasses a wide range of segments, including gaming brands, mobile advertising continues to outperform other advertising mediums. 

Most mobile gaming firms are also employing promotional ads in their applications, where they advertise their fantasy games and casual games at the same time, thereby utilising mobile marketing as one of the most cost-effective marketing channels for revenue creation and user base expansion, according to Yadav. 

According to Ramsai Panchapakesan, Senior Vice President and National Head – Integrated Media Buying, Zenith, who recently researched the Indian gaming industry, it makes sense for brands to advertise on gaming platforms and through brand associations with various IPs and tournaments, particularly those in complementary sectors. 

 Mobile internet service providers and device makers are increasingly working with gaming companies. Everyone in the ecosystem may benefit from a variety of schemes, thanks to cheap data in India and pre-installed games on smartphones and other devices, according to Panchapakesan. 

According to Sagar Nair, Co-Founder & CEO of Qlan, The Gamer’s Social Network, “almost every home in India owns a smartphone.” So, while the mobile user is on social media or surfing the Internet, they are faced with gaming adverts, and many companies opt to sell their products through this, a practice known as cross-promotion. 

However, there is a parallel advertising stream going concurrently, in which these companies use their built-in audiences to attract advertisers and create income to grow even larger. Ankur Singh, Founder of Witzeal Technologies, notes that mobile gamers are more sensitive to advertising than non-gamers, citing various market research.  

Marketers are paying attention to online gaming platforms since consumers in a gaming environment engage more with the advertising they get. Furthermore, the gaming platforms now have a diverse and gender-neutral user base from all over India. 

This creates a diverse target audience, allowing various brands to reach out to their potential customers, according to Singh. Esports and gaming platforms are now major advertisers, focusing not only on client acquisition but also on creating a buzz for esports and mobile gaming in India, he concluded. 

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