How is Bigin of Zoho going to help small business owners?


Zoho an Indian web-based online office suite, has launched a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system called Bigin for small and micro-businesses.

Bigin cost the user $7 per month and sits outside of Zoho one, an application buffet that includes Zoho CRM. Zoho CRM provides a unique customer experience platform to deliver well satisfying experience to every customer and convert them into brand advocates for over a global network of 150,000 businesses in 180 countries. Thus, Zoho CRM helps increase leads by engaging with customers and grow revenue. Bigin is a starter CRM system that feeds into Zoho CRM upgrades. Zoho helps many small business owners who struggle to sell their products in this pandemic situation of Covid -19.

Many small businesses had shown their digital presence to cop up with the situation and they are building out tech stacks. Bigin being minimal in design provides features like built-in telephony, email, twitter, and webforms. Bigin provides clutter-free pipeline management tools to help users control their sales pipeline through pipeline view (to organize your deals visually and intuitively), customization, multiple pipelines, and activity management to give a clear view of your important activities like calls etc. By Bigin’s multiple pipeline option you can uniquely handle your business by letting you manage individual pipeline s for different processes in your day to day sales cycle.

Bigin helps keep the privacy of the data, with its built-in privacy and data security features. It helps in importing data from your spreadsheets, automating the process so that you can get up and run faster. It also provides a view of the chronological log of every action performed to improve your documentation.  It is also easily accessible to your mobile. You can manage emails, stay updated with the mails, and access key business information in real-time by downloading the mobile app for Bigin.

Thus Bigin’s key features include:

  • Integrated telephony to make and receive customer calls from anywhere
  • Workflow automation to save sales rep steps
  • Real-time notification and analytics with dashboards, charts, and KPIs
  • Mobile capability and access to IOS and Android apps


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