How is the India-China relation as per the Pentagon report?

China and India leaders shaking hands on a deal agreement

China has been opting for “incremental and tactical actions” to support its claims at the Line of Actual Control (LAC) with India.  

Also, the US Pentagon, in its report on China’s military modernization said how China has attempted to weaken the India-US relationship and failed.  

The senior-most US general Mark Milley warned about China’s growing military power. The Pentagon report has been released while the US-China problems are in the air.  

The Pentagon considers China as “the pacing challenge” for the US.  

The People’s Republic of China (PRC) is not interested in increasing border tensions between India and China and it is because this might strengthen, the India-US relationship.  

The US Congress has said that China asked the US not to indulge in PRC’s relationship with India.  

The Pentagon continuously reports to the US Congress regarding the India-Chinese military deadlock in eastern Ladakh.  

The Department of Defence has conclusively said that China’s behaviour with its neighbours, especially India is hostile.  

China often accuses that India is an “instrument” of the US policy and is playing accordingly in the border.  

The issues began in May 2020, when the Chinese Army invaded the Indian-controlled territory.  

The India-China border tension is still in the air. Diplomatic and military dialogues are going on.  

So far, the negotiations have made limited progress.  

Both of the nations are making preparations to sustain their military along the LAC.  

Also, a considerable reserve force from the Tibet and Xinjiang Military Districts were distributed to the interior of Western China for providing quick responses whenever needed.  

The Chinese Army has earlier built a fibre optic network in some Himalayan areas to enhance communications.  

Since 1975, the first death on the LAC happened in June 2020, in the Galwan valley which resulted in the death of 20 soldiers.  

In the eastern sector of the LAC, China has built a village in the disputed area between the Chinese Tibet Autonomous region and Arunachal Pradesh.  

However, China is blaming India for provocation.  

It has shown interest in restoring economic and diplomatic bilateral cooperation which was said to be improving since the 2017 Doklam standoff. 

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