How relevant is Dhara’s new healthy oil campaign?


Indians, prefer having more of fried food on the table, where oil, definitely plays a crucial role. It makes food tastier, crispier, filling and exciting. Dhara is considered as of the most trusted brands in India for edible oil and has been successfully carrying out effective marketing campaigns for a long time.

This year Dhara celebrates its silver jubilee year and Dhara is planning strategies for positioning themselves in the minds of health conscious consumers. They have always been successful to keep their brand name up by differentiating themselves from the others.

Fried food has always been the weakness of Indians, but in the recent years, people seem to be more cautious about their health. The consumers require something that can help them maintain their shape irrespective of their consumption rate. This is where the Dhara has started positioning themselves with their new marketing campaign.

Oil is believed to be less healthy and many researches have proved this. Nowadays, consumers are so health conscious that the only way of getting them to purchase it is by communicating the idea of consuming less oil since consumers are well aware of the cooking oil they use and what benefits the oil offers.

Dhara in the past has been successful in understanding the minds of their consumers. They were quick to come with the Low Absorb technology in one of their products, that is, Dhara Health Refined Sunflower Oil. This unique technology assures that you can have your favorite fried recipes in spite of the amount of oil that it is soaked in. Apart from their low oil absorption, it also ensures that the quality of oil is retained for a longer period. Now this is a huge plus when compared to other brands of sunflower and coconut oils. No wonder the brand has been doing really well and is known for its purity, value of money and freshness.

The brand started making a mark for itself in the market by:

  • Targeting emotionally (homemakers) by delivering the message clearly
  • Motivating the customer and
  • Maintaining trust and loyalty

The brand kicked off its first campaign almost two decades ago, “Dhara Dhara Shudh Dhara”. The campaign was huge success as it helped them to pitch on the purity of the oil. And after the success of first campaign the brand celebrates its silver jubilee with its new tag line “India ka Tadka” introducing a new reason for buying oil. Wondering what? Well, A wide variety of edible oils can be used for cooking every day, from which, different benefits are obtained from different oils such as Groundnut oil, Dhara health oil, Fit n Fine, Dhara Life Bran Rice oil, Mustard oil and Kachi Ghani Mustard oil.

The new ad campaign aims to convey that using oil is healthy and it advices the consumers to consume more of different variants of Dhara oil to get the optimum health benefits.  The campaign which is developed by DDB Mudra is released pan India with Hindi, Marathi, Kannada and Bengali versions and targets home makers and working women who are above 25 years of age.

The campaign tries to break the category clutter and provide a strong insight to the healthy aspects of the oil.

The brand gives importance to its consumers and in addition to this, covers the primary objective of providing oilseed farmers with fair returns and giving quality edible oil to consumers at a reasonable price.

Though the Dhara brand has been doing really well in the recent years some questions which need to be answered are: Will Dhara able to sustain themselves in the household segment long enough with their new measure? Will they be able to overcome their competitors who have started following them? Will their positioning stay permanent in the hearts and minds of the consumers?


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