#HowFarWillYouGoForLove?Campaign by Cadbury


Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk is ready to show some love to the young people. The first-ever mini-series named ‘Butterflies’ by the Terribly Tiny Talkies in association with Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk is launched. The theme of the series is ‘Young love’. The stories area highlighting on the young peoples those who are ready to go for love at any distance.

The Butterfly mini-series is in 3 parts that portray the love of the 3 different couples of teenagers, college-goers and young adults in the mid-twenties. Love is an emotion and experience to feel so they are expressing the feeling of love in the mini-series. Terribly Tiny Talkies has beautifully presented the whole 3 parts of the series and In the storyline, the Cadbury Diary Mik Silk is played a vital role in the series. The actors of the series are Aprova Rora, Shriya Pilganokar, Urvi Sing, Mrinal Dutt, Anushman Malhotra and Viren Vazirani. They handled their part in the min-series and presented beautifully.

The magical love story by Terribly Tiny talkies  CEO Anuj Gosalia is very happy to be in part of making with a premium brand like Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk. And he said that the studio head and the witters are putting their maximum efforts to show in the min-series that expressing the feeling of love in three different stories. They played a crucial role in the success of ‘Butterfly’.The Butterfly is now showing on Youtube and Facebook and it’s loved by everyone.

Cadbury DiaryMilk Silk released another advertisement for Going an extra mile for love and its created by Ogilvy India. The movie opens with a girl who steps out on a sunny street. When she runs, she discovers she is in shade and when she looks up she sees her boyfriend on the terrace carrying the umbrella and walking parallel to her while jumping from one terrace to another to cover her from the sun. He then throws her the Silk bar that she catches and enjoys, and it seems to be their romance in secret. This portrayal brings the concept of sometimes we have to show someone how we are taking care of them and we will go for them for any distance.