Share Dairy Milk and express your gratitude campaign


The Cadbury dairy milk is a bar of milk chocolate that is made by Cadbury. Dairy milk has lots of varieties and mainly produced as milk chocolate. Diary milk achieved in 2014 that it was one of the top-selling chocolate bars in the U.K, and most of the people’s favourite chocolate is dairy milk.

A recent advertisement of dairy milk is something unique from the other brands it shows how we can say Thank you to others with the dairy milk. In real life, we express our ‘Thanks ‘ to someone in different ways. The advertisement showing that how a person expresses his gratitude by giving dairy milk with a smile. Every person who is expressing their ‘Thanks’ not say as a formality instead of that share dairy milk for a beautiful moment. 

Dairy milk has a unique feature on the chocolate bars to express the feeling. The dairy milk ‘Silk’ is a symbol for romance, ‘Celebrations’ is for the festivals and the classic dairy milk for expressing your gratitude to others without saying a ‘thank you’. The advertisement is very much popular right now. The advertisement shows that Ganesh a driver who came to his son’s school and his boss was waiting outside for him and when  Ganesh came outside and saying about happily his son’s mark list and sharing diary milk with a smile to his boss for driving the car to pick up the Ganesh from school, otherwise, he can’t go to his son’s school at that time. This is just a minute advertisement but it means a lot of sharing happiness and gratitude

The chocolate is sweet so if a happy moment or expressing your ‘Thanks’ to others it should be sweet as chocolate that’s the intention of the diary milk advertisement. Remember one thing that always #saythankyou without words. The dairy milk also showed the gratitude by the launch of special edition chocolate bars named as  ‘Thank you’  to the unsung hero’s that protecting us from the COVID-19. This will be a good moment for those hero’s that everyone is showing love. Let’s share dairy milk in our happy moments to make that time unforgettable.