HUL Plans to Withdraw ‘Knorr’ Chinese Instant Noodles as it Awaits FSSAI Approval


Hindustan Unilever has made a decision to discontinue the production and sale of its Chinese range of instant noodles that sell under the brand name Knorr. The product will be stopped till the FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India approves the firm’s recent application.

Hindustan Unilever Limited has applied to FSSAI regarding product approval of the Knorr Chinese range of instant noodles in February this year. The firm is awaiting the result from the organization.

Regarding this, Hindustan Unilever Limited announced in an official statement that the discontinuation of the manufacturing and sale of its Knorr Chinese instant noodles is not due to the quality or safety concerns involved in the product. The Chinese instant noodles range makes use of ingredients that are permitted to be used by the FSS Regulation 2011/Codex.

The firm further stated that the safety of the used ingredients is well established. The details pertaining to the same have been shared with the FSSAI as a part of the approval application. HUL continues to engage with FSSAI in order to make these products available as soon as possible to the consumers.

Hindustan Unilever Limited has mentioned that food products that are constantly tested at the FSSAI approved laboratories are used in the Chinese range of instant noodles. Moreover, these ingredients do comply with the internal quality standards as well. These tests show that the Knorr brand Chinese noodles range meets all the regulatory norms, claimed the firm.

This comes following the issue of an order by the FSSAI to test more brands of noodles, macaronis and pastas. It has listed 33 items that are manufactured by seven firms in these categories. Of course, the Knorr instant noodles did not get into this list. The FSSAI” has asked the commissioners of food safety of all states andUnionTerritoriesin the country to make sure that the unapproved products are recalled, discarded from the market and destroyed.





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