Hyundai’s Sustainability Message with BBC Future Planet


Planet Earth has been reeling under the impact of environment hazards created by humans, by serious ways of pollution activities. Our planet has a way to rejuvenate itself if a proper amount of time is given, but the rate at which the abominable decree of human endeavour continues to degrade the earth, it becomes equal to impossible for the Earth to find is life rhythms back to normal.

Addressing these challenges faced by the environment, Hyundai Motoring has vowed to sponsor exclusively for a BBC’s evidence-based stories on addressing the serious environmental challenges all around the world, called BBC Future Planet. It is one of kind major online publication with its sole focus on climate change along with the aim to be carbon neutral close to zero carbon emission as soon as possible.

The carbon emissions from travel it had to do, after the site’s launch in February 2020 to June 2021 were just around 857kg which is less than a one-way journey of flight from Berlin to New York.

Hyundai’s sponsor for the solutions based journalism by BBC aims to convey a message and urge the pan global audience for a sustainable world. For Hyundai, BBC created a documentary-style film which highlights Hyundai’s partnership in combating ocean pollution by partnering with the ocean conservation organisation, healthy seas, nurturing marine ecosystems which are sustainable, and support a circular economy.

Hyundai aims to achieve the zero carbon emission by production of more Electric Vehicles under its brand for cleaner mobility solutions, consuming more vegan meals and usage of solar power to charge its equipment.

The BBC documentary depicts a story of an abandoned fish farm in Ithaca, a Greek island, which has becomes an idea for sustainable car interiors of Hyundai. Travelling to the island, it explores the devastation caused by a storm over a fish farm, the storm brought with it litters from industrial waste, fishing nets, pipes, and ropes. There is no life left at all in some areas of the Ithaca’s coastline now.

Despite a mountain of problems, BBC Storyworks team takes the audience on an exhilarating journey along with a team of 16 divers all volunteers from around the world, working to restore Ithaca’s marine ecosystem to its erstwhile glory.

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