ICCs strategy for global growth


The International Cricket Council discloses its international growth strategy places woman’s cricket dynamically as the main aim of its long-term goals. The strategy that has been developed in partnership with ICC Members is focused on strengthening, growing, and protecting the game with the vision of more players, more fans, and more nations are enjoying cricket.

The strategic pillars are strengthened by the digital transformation of the sport to support members by connecting directly with fans.


To strengthen the sport and by driving great commitment which exists, the ICC will deliver competitive cricket for all members, growing women’s cricket, build cricket among Associate Members, and increase fan’s connection through digital transformation, including the current development of ICC TV with the development of a mobile game.


To grow the sport through many people and various places, the ICC is focusing on getting more people to play and interact with cricket through its entry-level program called ‘criiio’ and updated education programs for coaches, officials, and curators. Female participation will be given priority and will be identified by new markets to drive expected growth. Inclusion in the Olympics is the central idea of growing cricket globally.


Protecting the honor of the sport and inspiring trust among fans is the third pillar of the strategic framework. Creating an environment safe for all cricketers and bringing the spirit of cricket which is a key area of focus along with the commitment to lead the way in providing a corruption-free sport. 

It will enable us to become strong on what we currently are, mainly with women’s cricket, and by ensuring that we are delivering competitive cricket. It provides the opportunity to look at the growth of the game and make more people play and interact with cricket through the new market and to include in Olympics says, Greg Barclay Chairperson of ICC.

Our idea is to focus more players, fans, and nations enjoying cricket and we believe by working with the members to build the strength of what we had already but also the growth of the game in the new markets says, ICC CEO Geoff Allardice.

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