iD Fresh Food salutes Covid warriors with #MadeWithLove campaign


This festive season, many will be away from their families. Making heartbreaking sacrifices, continuing to put themselves in the line of fire. With a brand new video as part of its most recent #MadeWithLove initiative, iD Fresh Food applauds the determination, dedication, and bravery of our COVID-19 heroes. The little over three-minute video expresses the deepest appreciation and respect for our frontline healthcare workers, who keep us healthy every day, including doctor moms!

PC Musthafa, CEO and Co-founder, iD Fresh, commenting on the latest campaign video, said,” Ever since the pandemic has changed life as we know it, we have heard multiple accounts from our customers from all walks of life about how they faced the various challenges and managed to stay afloat. It was heartening to know that so many individuals, particularly during the lockdown, found comfort in iD’s wide range of foods.  #MadeWithLove campaign is inspired by these mutual tales of family relations, hopefulness, and love for home-cooked food. Although our healthcare heroes have been battling the tenacious virus, many of them moms, I am pleased that iD could be a salvation for their families away from their young children for days on end.

In iD’s latest video campaign, we see a doctor on a video call with her young daughter, who hasn’t visited her home for two weeks. She is pleased to hear from her daughter, son, and husband, the comforting “We are good.” However, the nice surprise is to be told that the family did not order any food from outside! She has fun watching her husband, little son and young daughter prepares food. And that’s how, without any tension, the family does ‘Mission Home Cooking’!

When the girl knows her mom’s not going to come home for the next festival, she says, “Don’t worry about us, Ma.” When you return, we’ll rejoice,’ says the proud child with a smile.

Rajeev Ravindranathan, Founder-Director of People Design and Communications, a Bangalore-based creative agency, created the ad. Our #MadeWithLove campaign and the latest video affirm our strong belief that the body and the mind and the soul are nurtured by home-cooked, preservative-free, nutritious food. It will assist us in sailing through these trying times with love and hope,” says Rahul Gandhi, Chief Marketing Officer, iD Fresh Food.  


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