IDEMIA launches Global FinTech Accelerator Card Program


In the context of the rapid development of the banking industry, IDEMIA, the global leader in Augmented Identity, carries FinTechs and neobanks with the introduction of the Global FinTech Accelerator Card Program. This program allows a quick process from cardholder enrollment to card issuance.

IDEMIA leadership in card manufacturing as the number 1 global Fintech card issuance partner, is based on a rigid experience of a globally devoted Fintech team and a network of 30 Service Centers in 26 countries across the world. Fintechs influences the capability and expertise on IDEMIA to enable the issuance of cards in the marketplace around the world. Over the years, IDEMIA has constructed the largest worldwide network of personalization centers designed to enhance responsiveness and presence to the cardholder for fast delivery times. All the 30 Service Centers are controlled by a Common Personalization System (CPS) that grants card profile expansion to be directly and securely transferred and utilized in any of them, helping globally pursuing Fintechs to strengthen quickly. Moreover to CPS, all IDEMIA sites are inter-connected via the IDEMIA Hub with a connection to almost all local and global card processors and BaaS providers so that services and solutions can be safely recreated, extended, shared, and improved across the world.

The IDEMIA FinTech Accelerator CardProgram has benefited from local, regional, and global Fintech teams that are given the training to create a card product that will enable Fintechs can thoroughly differentiate their product in the marketplace. Before manufacturing the cards, the needs of various stakeholders such as creditors, directors, etc. within the FinTech’s organization are taken into consideration to pledge a formal start of the card-issuing journey, IDEMIA provides advice on how to use innovative solutions to help FinTechs to further differentiate such as card packaging solutions, IDEMIA metal cards, cards with a dynamic security code (MOTION CODE) and recycled cards(GREEN PAY). By having IDEMIA’s digital assets, customers can add the physical card with digital services. The FinTech Accelerator CardProgram provides a coherent process for a successful card launch and also it delivers additional digital services such as mobile identity proofing for customer’s enrollment and IDEMIA Card Connect, a way to activate a card or provide secure customer authentication by tapping the card not having contact on the phone.


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