IFC invests in Indospace Logistics to develop industrial parks


International Finance Corporation (IFC) proposes to make an investment of US $75 million in Indospace to develop its logistics & industrial parks. The funding will make sure the long-term finance to the latter company during the critical times of the COVID-19 pandemic. This IFC support will help Indospace to continue its plan of developing and investing in selected projects envisaged under the fund over the subsequent two years.

The management of the fund is completed by Indospace Capital Asia and its Indian affiliate Indospace Capital Advisors, together mentioned as Indospace. It develops, executes, manages, and operates warehousing and industrial property assets in India through various Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs). Incidentally, the SPVs were owned by Indospace Logistics Parks-III LP, a Singapore-based limited partnership managed by Indospace Capital Asia.

In a disclosure, the parent bank’s private-sector investment arm revealed that IFC will put the cash in Indospace Logistics Parks III LP within the sort of a Senior Secured Loan (SSL) or straight loans. SSLs are loans which are privately organized and are issued to a consortium of banks or institutional creditors that provides the facility to the companies to get access to the debt. Such a choice is formed by the corporate because Senior Secured Loans are usually “secured” by a company’s assets, and are typically wish to fund a company’s growth or cover general operating expenses.

If the fund is successful in developing and offering its properties at right time for the businesses to line up operations, it’ll help to demonstrate a path of recovery for the world while counting on private investment. The project will contribute to the resilience of real sector markets by enabling business infrastructure which will ensure a frequent and continued supply of products and services at affordable prices. It also limits disruptions along supply chains, thereby mitigating the consequences of an economic downturn.

In 2018, IFC had fairly devoted equity of up to $25 million, to not exceed 20 percent of total deliverance, in Indospace Logistics Parks III, LP. The company’s sponsors constitute PE funds Everstone, Realterm, and GLP, an investment manager and business builder in logistics, land, infrastructure, finance, and related technologies. Eventually, IFC anticipates that its present commitment towards Indospace Logistics will provide a big positive breakthrough to the Indian warehousing and industrial property market, which is in its evolutionary phase and now browsing a severe slowdown in the midst of COVID-19.


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