Imagicaa Crafts ‘Beyond the Thrills’ Activation at Bhushi Dam, Lonavala

Imagicaa BTL
Imagicaa Crafts ‘Beyond the Thrills’ Activation at Bhushi Dam, Lonavala

Powers BTL engagement activation with CSR measure for ‘Safe Attire Changing Experience’ that carves new barometer as Unique Experiential Marketing Tool

India, Thursday, 31 August, 2023: Imagicaa, India’s favorite themed entertainment destination; went beyond the ordinary by bringing a wave of joy, fun, and purpose to the clean surroundings of Bhushi Dam, Lonavala. In a one-of-a-kind experiential marketing and brand activation; Imagicaa combined Below-The-Line (BTL) canter activation with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Campaign idea germinated from the focus of solving a key challenge persisting in the immediate vicinity of Bhushi Dam i.e. availability of safe changing rooms. There are not many options from the government authorities for such a beautiful and much-in-demand monsoon destination.

Few adjourning local shops do provide this service, though commercialized. Adventure brand Imagicaa stayed true to its ethos of delivering entertainment for creating delightful memories, in a ‘Clean, Safe and Happy Environment’ by transforming a canter step van into wash-and-change rooms stationed at Bhushi Dam between 18th to 20th August, 2023.To resolve the issue; Imagicaa set up temporary safe changing rooms, ensuring that visitors could comfortably refresh themselves. A small yet significant gesture that goes a long way in enhancing consumer experience amidst the rains of Lonavala. Complete with engagement led activities and thematic changing rooms provided a surprisingly fun and insta-worthy moment for all visitors. 

With a spectacular backdrop of the Bhushi Dam, Imagicaa organized this activation over the mid-August rainy weekend, leaving visitors of all ages with a pleasant yet safe enjoyment experience. The excitement didn’t stop there. Imagicaa’ monsoon extravaganza featured a plethora of engaging games alongside not-to-be-missed Buy 2 Get 1 (B2G1) offer. The irresistible offer threw the door open for families and friends to plan their next visit to Imagicaa at an exceptional value. Furthermore the day was made even more memorable with Imagicaa branded merchandise distributed to Bhushi Dam visitors. 

Commenting on the brand activation, Dhimant Bakshi, CEO & CMO, Imagicaaworld Entertainment Ltd. said, “Imagicaa consistently seeks to make a difference as the brand continues to lead the way in India’s leisure and entertainment industry, enriching the lives of countless individuals and families. This entire activation was aimed at visitors changing safely post enjoying Bhushi dam in a clean, safe environment and we have been able to achieve this effortlessly. Canter rollout activities have always been an idea never lost for promotional purpose and an establishing measure to reach the public at large. We have only taken a responsible step forward with this experiential marketing vehicle to provide a safe changing haven over one weekend to all Bhushi Dam visitors.”

Over the same weekend, parallel engagement activity for trekkers of Lohagad Fort and Pawna Lake visitors was also executed.  Engaged audience were offered B2G1 vouchers and handed over instant photo in Imagicaa branded sleeve as a memorabilia of their magical moment spent at these locations.


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