Impact of Covid-19 on Omnichannel Marketing Strategy


Digital expectations from customers have skyrocketed in the post-COVID-19. Digital economy, is a major priority for all industries, and people are working to achieve improved engagement with personalized end to end customer journeys.

The omnichannel strategy will help brands thrive in a post-pandemic world. As first time or infrequent online shoppers discover the convenience of e-commerce, digital banking, and investment, food, there is a strong chance that they will choose more often its opportunities, which will become a new normal. The Covid-19 crisis has brought to light the benefits of omnichannel retail for even laggard customers. The digital has become the new normal and the need for data and creativity of the brand is more critical than ever before demanding the organizations to have a balance between Art and Science.

The pandemic has changed the way we work, shop, communicate. Nimble and agile organizations are coming out stronger with an ability to provide unified omnichannel experiences and customer interaction touchpoints have increased, providing more ways for a customer to interact.

Organizations are looking at the increased touchpoints as an opportunity to create a connected omnichannel experience for customers. Those organizations that take a holistic approach to their omnichannel strategy with a 360- view of their customers will be the ones to succeed through COVID-19 and emerge favorably to continue to meet changing customer expectations.   The retail industry in India is going through a tremendous amount of stress during COVID-19. Many physical stores are kept closed, or for essential businesses, in-store traffic has dramatically shifted. There is a heavier emphasis on e-commerce to meet the needs and serve customers safely from a distance. Each organization may have its own goals and implement an omnichannel experience for its customers.

Some of these strategies include increasing store foot-traffic through programs like “buy online and pick up in-store.”  These measures have now taken a hit, whereas retailers who have integrated with third-party delivery channels or established a credible reputation in an online marketplace have seen a surge in demand.