In Entero Surgicals’ brand film, ‘Kalakar’ Sonali Bendre turns ‘Khayalkar’


Entero Surgicals has teamed up with Sonali Bendre, the ever-inspiring and true fighter, to spread the concept of offering sincere care that is beyond measure.

Bendre will express the concept of taking care of our loved ones in their time of need through a beautifully poignant brand film.

“We are thrilled to cooperate with Ms. Sonali Bendre on our Khayalkar campaign,” Rahul Pandey (Head for Surgical Business– Entero Healthcare) stated of the collaboration.

At Entero Surgicals, we believe in offering our customers and the healthcare community with high-quality monitoring equipment.

By their very nature, health-related challenges are heartbreaking, and seeing a loved one suffer through them is even more painful.

To nurse them back to health, providing the finest possible care backed by trusted and reliable products is critical, and we empower our clients to do so.

Ms. Bendre embodies our brand values flawlessly and will assist us in conveying this emotion to our audiences, resulting in a stronger connection. We’re thrilled to have her join us.”

“Excited to join hands with a company like Entero that has such a profound vision,” Sonali Bendre, actor and brand ambassador, said of the cooperation.

Personally, I have a strong connection to both medical caregivers and recipients.

The value of high-quality healthcare is unrivalled, and Entero Surgicals’ dependable goods further add to that. I’m honoured to be a part of their efforts to share this message.”

The brand is built around and motivated by the concept of care — care for the patient, care for caregivers, and care that goes above and beyond.

Quality and trust are at the heart of their business, as they supply licenced and accredited rehabilitation and personal health care goods.

The Khayalkar campaign and its important message are depicted in an educational yet moving brand film that depicts the act of altruistic caregiving.

Hatson Advertising developed, scripted, and produced the film.

“The creative challenge was to stand out among a multitude of devices for home health care that claims to be accurate and innovative,” Mr. Prakash Goplani, Managing Director of Hatson Advertising, said of the collaboration.

That’s when a collaborative exercise with the Entero team revealed the realisation that caregiving is about more than simply precision.

And when a highly advanced, high-quality company recognises the significance of these feelings, it’s Care Beyond Measure.”

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