Increase in use of smartphones due to pandemic in 2020

Women using a smartphone in the display and technology advances in stores. Take your screen to put on advertising.

The pandemic had caused to increase in the use of technology mainly for work from home system, the limited medium of entertainment, and the need to socialize through digital platforms. There was a boost in the sector due to growing demand in the consumer tech categories, with the increased usage of short video sharing apps, OTT platforms, video calling platforms, mobile gaming, and more. The smartphone makers remained confident and kept dropping new devices every week having amazing features that you could certainly without. Consumers who stream content but are on a tight budget are targeted by specific categories of the phone.

Some phones are inclined towards mobile gaming. Phones used for creating content are also there. TWS, smart home appliances, and smart-wearables saw equal action compared to smartphones since smartphones are considered a mainstream gadget that has become a necessity. A lot of audio makers launched earbuds under Rs 5,000 significantly less than compared to what Apple, Samsung, Sony, or Sennheiser due to the increase of the ‘Work From Home’ system in society. You have to think before giving a name when someone asks for a recommendation in this segment, the reason is the sub-standard audio quality and performance. The budget devices which the brands are trying to democratize the features like ANC and superior codec support. The durability of the devices is in question since the consumers who bought the TWS have started facing issues.

In the smart-wearable segments, similar trends can be seen where several companies have launched what they call budget smartwatches, in reality, they are no more than a big-screen fitness brand. So, it is common sense to spend Rs 2000 on a brand that has the same features rather than a watch that gives you a bigger screen for Rs 5000. Technology has entered our lives due to the pandemic and consequential lockdown. Over the next few months, most of the customers kept adding gadgets to their homes. It is said that if gadgets had a kingdom of their own then smartphones would be the king. Usually, customers want the latest smartphones but in 2020 they want either new or old. There is an increase of 25% in the usage of smartphones by the Indians.


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