Microsoft celebrating India’s spirit of being unstoppable


Microsoft India launched its holiday ad, Hum Rukna Nahi Jaante, praising the endurance of the human spirit. The film is farewell to 2020, showcasing how people around the world have demonstrated their day-to-day endurance in addressing the challenges this year, and also how innovation has played a major role in facilitating diverse interactions. The film is one of the Building Resilience initiative initiated by Microsoft India in September this year to share uplifting stories about change.

The project incorporates five heart-warming daily stories, reflecting on how Microsoft’s platform encourages people to do better every day. As to if empowering young amateur sports to continue coaching remotely or allowing elderly people to make electronic purchases safely and stably, enabling entrepreneurs to keep their companies going in the distant world and encouraging individuals with autism to engage entirely in society, technology facilitates equality for everyone.

The last several months have taught us the likelihood of extents the one hand, the threats of the disease outbreak, and then on the other, the inspiring tales of battling back and reforming, said Hitu Chawla, Chief Marketing Officer, Microsoft India. It’s amazing how individuals and institutions around the country have faced the challenge of resilience and creativity, using technologies to reply, recover and re-imagine a new society. This energy is embraced by our brand film. The role of our innovation is to motivate every individual and every company to accomplish more.

Actually talking of the film, Hitu Chawla, Chief Marketing Officer, Microsoft India, said, “Last few days have shown us the likelihood of extremes. The dangers of the pandemic are on the one hand, and the inspiring tales of winning back and transforming on the other. It’s amazing how individuals and organizations around the country have addressed the challenge of resilience and creativity, using technologies to adapt, recover, and re-imagine a modern world order. Our brand movie highlights this spirit of day-to-day persistence and the involvement our technology plays in inspiring every person and every company to achieve more.”

We used to have a simple brief, and it was to convey how Microsoft embraces and inspires the stubborn spirit that resides in every part of the world, through its goods and services. We have made a simple but strong film that captures the resilient mindset of invincible India. And we’re also glad of the promotional line – ‘Hum Rukna Naming Jaante,’ which we’re sure, will resonate strongly with people and carry a deep pride in collaboration with Microsoft,” co-founded Sainath Saraband.

The film has been released online on social media sites and is planned to be available with translations and audio descriptions. Conceptualized by Studio Easy, the film Hum Rukna Nahi Jaante illustrates how individuals have shown their day-to-day strength in addressing this year’s obstacles and how innovation has played a role in facilitating diverse interactions.


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