India Affiliate Summit 2023

India Affiliate Summit 2023 Conference Concludes Registering a Footfall of 7000+ from 16 Countries, Showcasing 600+ Brands
India Affiliate Summit 2023 Conference Concludes Registering a Footfall of 7000+ from 16 Countries, Showcasing 600+ Brands

Conference Concludes Registering a Footfall of 7000+from 16 Countries, Showcasing 600+ Brands

New Delhi, October 13, 2023: The 9th edition of the India Affiliate Summit (IAS), India’s premier affiliate marketing conference, concluded on Thursday, October 12, registering a footfall of over 7000. Organised by the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) in collaboration with vCommission, powered by Valueleaf, and brought to you by Shoogloo, in association with Admitad and Admattic, IAS 2023, once again drew under one roof some of the finest minds and leading brands in the affiliate marketing landscape.

With more than 90 booths, and representation from more than 16 countries, showcasing over 600 brands, IAS 2023 collaborated with over 1000 agencies, and engaged with 2000+ ad networks and 3000+ affiliates.

During a spotlight session on ‘The era of AI – Unlocking growth with automation,’ Nitin Chopra, Group Head – Edtech | Healthtech | Consumer Devices | Telecom | Gaming at Meta, said “In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, AI stands as the dynamic playground where human imagination seamlessly converges with reality. This transformative force has not only redefined the rules but also rewritten the narrative for content creation. AI has emerged as the game-changer, arming us with a suite of powerful tools that catalyze the creative process. As we navigate this exciting era, the lines between fiction and reality blur, as AI empowers us to live life into our wildest imaginings.”

Addressing a session titled ‘The Rise of AI,’ Vinay Kumar, Director AI, Microsoft, said, “Vinay Kumar, Director AI, Microsoft said, “Artificial Intelligence has ushered in a transformative era, impacting advertising platforms of all scales. Major corporations have embraced AI, while generative AI fuels innovation across sectors. These AI tools are now accessible to publishers and content creators, heralding a democratization of content generation. The rapid pace of change is nothing short of remarkable”.

Adding his views on the role of AI in consumer data protection, Varun Sakhuja, Director Product and Innovation, Mastercard said, “Consumer empowerment in the digital age hinges on four crucial pillars: data ownership and control, enabling individuals to wield authority over their information; understanding the benefits derived from their data’s use; assurance of robust privacy controls; and the peace of mind that tokenization brings, fostering a sense of security and trust in the evolving landscape of our industry.”

Speaking at a panel discussion on ‘Fine-tuning Programmatic Campaigns for the Indian Audience,’ Prabhvir Sahmey, Senior Director, Samsung Ads India said, “Amidst the technological readiness, the real challenge lies in navigating the sea of choices that traders and advertisers face today. Marketers grapple with higher ROI pressures and an array of advertising platforms. In this content distribution era, the shift toward digital is inevitable. In the coming years, TV sales will transition to CPM, blurring the lines between traditional and digital. In this landscape, data-driven digital strategies take the lead over traditional TV targeting, focusing on psychographics and household behaviours.”

The India Affiliate Summit (IAS) 2023 witnessed an impressive line-up of distinguished speakers who shared their invaluable insights in various sessions. Among them were Mr. Nitin Sethi, Joint President and Chief Digital Officer – Consumer Businesses, Adani Group, South Delhi, India; Ms. Parul Bhargava, Co-Founder & CEO, vCommission, Delhi NCR, India; Mr. Vinay Kumar, Director of AI, Microsoft, Gurgaon, India; Mr. Abhishek Joshi, Head – ShemarooME, Shemaroo, Mumbai, India; Mr. Srikanth Bureddy, Co-Founder, Valueleaf, Bengaluru, India; Mr. Anil Pandit, Senior Vice President, Lead – Precison(Programmatic), India, Publicis Media, Gurgaon, India; Mr. Badrinath Mishra, Vice President, Network Expansion, ONDC, Gurgaon, India; Mr. Varun Sakhuja, Director of Product & Innovation, Mastercard, Gurgaon, India; Mr. Kshitij Jain, Senior Director – Marketing India & APAC, Emeritus, Gurgaon, India; Mr. Manan Bajoria, Group VP – Growth Marketing, Ixigo, Gurgaon, India; Mr. Rohan Bhargava, Co-Founder, CashKaro, Gurgaon, India; and Mr. Thomas Smale, Founder & CEO, Global M&A advisory firm FE International, San Francisco, United States. Each of these speakers brought a wealth of expertise and experience to the summit, contributing to its resounding success in delivering cutting-edge insights and networking opportunities in the field of affiliate marketing.

The summit witnessed participation from industry giants including Google, Meta, Samsung Ads, ONDC, Adani, Publicis, Mastercard, Microsoft, vCommission, Valueleaf, Shoogloo Network, AdmitAd, Admattic, Spectrum Digital, Flashmedia, and Hexawebony, further underscoring IAS 2023’s status as a leading platform for the affiliate marketing community to connect, collaborate, and stay at the forefront of marketing innovation.