Indian e-commerce players take baby steps in live commerce market


India’s online retail market is changing course. The Nothing Phone has made its debut on the “Flipkart Live” platform in India. For the auction, about 3.8 lakh individuals signed up, with more than 3.19 lakh peak concurrent watchers. A press release states that the Nothing Phone sale was only active for 10 minutes before all of the units were gone.

Flipkart regularly tests out new ideas in its app’s live commerce area. To advertise the various products that make up its inventory, it collaborates with content producers. Users can log in, select the categories page, and then hit the “Live option on the Flipkart app. When they do, customers are sent to a page where regular live stream sales are held in a variety of categories, including fashion, home furnishings, kitchen items, beauty and makeup, and gadgets. It makes obvious that Flipkart chose to concentrate on these areas since they had the most growth potential. The size of the live commerce sector in India is anticipated to increase quickly, reaching a gross merchandise value of $4–5 billion by 2025, according to RedSeer research. Beauty and personal care, as well as fashion, are likely to contribute to this increase. Additionally, Myntra is involved in live commerce. There is a section called M-Live in the Myntra app. Customers have access to live videos from a variety of influencers in a range of product categories.

Live commerce has a tremendous amount of growth potential, as explained by Rohit Khanna, co-founder, and COO of Eleve Media. According to him, “live stream buying blends the ease of immediate product purchase with the real-time engagement of audience participation through a chat function or reaction buttons.” According to Sowmya Iyer, founder, and CEO of DVO Digital, live commerce is a platform that best utilizes social media, e-commerce, and streaming technologies and allows for in-person contact. According to Shinde, live commerce can make shopping fun and immersive by enabling consumers to engage in dialogue, forge communities, and connect. Gamification and other developments in business and social interactions could transform online shopping from a chore into a source of fun.

 Iyer compares live stream shopping to getting a recommendation from a buddy to buy something. Influencers are therefore ideal business partners for brands. A powerful route for discovery commerce is live commerce. It effortlessly combines influencer marketing and discovery commerce to promote new product discovery and credibility, according to the speaker.

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