Indian Institute of Technology Madras’ Initiatives on Artificial Intelligence:


The Indian Institute of Technology Madras has built up an association program to empower early-profession AI specialists. The Narayanan Family Foundation and the Institute’s Robert Bosch Center for Data Science and AI have collaborated to fabricate cooperation in Artificial Intelligence for Social Good.

The application is accessible to man-made reasoning specialists who need to utilize their abilities for advancement. The Indian Institute of Technology Madras desires to pull in ongoing Ph.D. graduates or recently qualified specialists in software engineering, computational and information sciences, biomedical sciences, the board, account, and other designing divisions with extraordinary instructive accomplishments to RBCDSAI through this program, which is subsidized by the Narayanan Family Foundation.

With India’s biggest organization examination and profound support learning study gatherings, RBCDSAI is the world’s most conspicuous interdisciplinary exploration scholastic place for Data Science and AI. It likewise has the most elaborate profound learning and regular language handling classes. The association’s key objective is to lead essential AI research and to apply Data Science and AI-based innovations to a wide scope of enterprises, including producing, framework, savvy urban communities, medical services, thus on. The focus works with the Central, State, and neighborhood governments, industry, and clinical areas to acquire groundbreaking bits of knowledge to have a tenable effect on the partners.

Chosen applicants will get a compensation of Rs 15 to 18 lakhs each year for a very long time as a component of the Narayanan Family Foundation Fellowship in AI for Social Good. Colleagues will likewise be qualified to get a one-time research award of up to Rs 30 lakhs. The colleagues will lead-free examination in the field of AI for social great under the management of the Center and will have openness to the RBCDSAI’s top-of-the-line process assets and datasets this is identical to the passage level compensation of an associate educator at an IIT. The applicant will be given a non-sustainable term of three years.

Srinivas Narayanan, the prime supporter of the Narayanan Family Foundation, said, “We accept the program can bring critical advantages for society through the progression of AI and we are exceptionally eager to help it.”

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