IndiGo launches special service


Indigo has announced an exclusive category of fare that is Super 6E category which provides special services for its usage. The Super 6 E fare was inaugurated for going live on Wednesday and from 4 May 2022 that is Wednesday the service is available to all those who wish to avail of the benefits.

The extra services which come up with this exclusive category are of carrying a 10kg baggage extra, selection of seats is free, reduction in cancellation of tickets as well as a low fee on meals, combo meals, a prioritized check-in for taking bags first, no convenience fee and delayed and lost baggage protection services in the flight are the benefits associated with the Super 6E.

The Super 6E can be availed by the people while they are booking the tickets. It could only be availed while ticket bookings and not any time other than that. The Super 6E provides the most customized and sorted services to travelers that have all the fares under one umbrella. This service would be greatly helpful for those who want a single fare rather than paying distinctly for different services separately.

The Super 6E fares vary from flight to flight as compared to the normal fare that the passenger was given for boarding the flight.

Indigo is a company that has constantly been developing and innovating to offer a zealous experience to its customers. They have always strived for providing hassle-free travel to the customers on board. With the coming up of the hot summers this year Indigo has geared up for providing a refreshing experience to the passengers with the super ^E strategy.

The clubbing of all the fares together under one name and providing exclusive incentives to the customers availing of this scheme has helped the company to take a step forward in innovation. It would ensure the best experience for the customer as they could customize the experience through the card and have a budget-friendly trip by controlling the travel plans through this exclusive initiative of indigo. Indigo thus never fails to proving the best experience aboard a lean, clean, flying machine.

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