Indipop sensation ‘Raghav Mathur’ and Ace rapper ‘Divine’ Set to sizzle the Music Scene with ‘Chingari’

Indipop sensation ‘Raghav Mathur’ and Ace rapper ‘Divine’
Indipop sensation ‘Raghav Mathur’ and Ace rapper ‘Divine’ Set to sizzle the Music Scene with 'Chingari'

Mumbai / Delhi, 22nd September, 2022: Raghav Mathur, the celebrated Indipop sensation from the 2000s, is poised to drop the party ‘chant’ of the season with his new single ‘Chingari,’ featuring Indian rap superstar – Divine. Building upon the worldwide acclaim of his recent comeback track ‘Desperado,’ released earlier this year, ‘Chingari’ is Raghav’s token of gratitude to fans across the globe. Also, the collaboration between Raghav and Divine promises a fusion of musical styles bringing together the best of pop-rap for a “fiery” music experience showcasing the artists’ cross-cultural resonance.

The single stands as an emotionally charged musical composition and a lover’s tribute to his partner, emphasizing the magic of love, it’s magnetic allure and the radiance which illuminates the romantics’ entire existence. Contrary to the common hook-up culture, within the realm of ‘Chingari’, love’s core is vividly depicted as an impassioned and fervent strength that envelops the hearts of these lovers posing as the anthem for people who have experienced the potent and transformative influence of affection. 

Moreover, it elegantly underscores how music possesses the unique ability to unite people through the timeless themes of love, longing, and admiration, solidifying itself as a track with the capacity to touch hearts beyond borders.

Raghav’s return to the music scene has bonafide his enduring talent and ability to evolve with the times. With ‘Chingari,’ he is ready to further reinforce his position as a versatile multi-generational artist.

Raghav Mathur commented, “Hip hop is the most influential artform of our lifetime and as a singer/songwriter it’s been important to me as an artist and fan of music myself, to have it as a part of the music I make in an authentic way with artists that I admire. When my debut album storyteller was released 20 years ago, I wished but never could have imagined how hip hop would be taking over the hearts, charts and most importantly the culture the way it has across the Indian subcontinent. A lion’s share of that credit goes to Divine. He’s as authentic as they come and is unique and one of a kind, what we’ve done on Chingari is as real as any record I’ve ever made. I hope it makes people sing along whilst hitting them in their chests with thump. With Mushtaq’s production and Akshayraje Shinde on my lyrics, this feels like a special one and it’ll take you from Mumbai to Brooklyn and back in 3 minutes and 30 second…enjoy!”

Divine shared, “Working with Raghav is incredibly special for me. He’s someone I respect a lot and have been a fan of his music from back in my childhood. It’s been great to see him make his comeback with new music & I’m honoured to be a part of it!”

The track that promises to be the soundtrack of the upcoming festive season can be streamed across Spotify, JioSaavn, Apple Music and Gaana. 

Listen to Chingari here.