Indulge in exciting activities and games along your family at KidZania


KidZania, a number one brand of edutainment park chain, is bringing forth a series of fun-filled activities and games spanning from May to 12th June 2022 through the exciting ‘Family Bonds Summer Festival 2022’ in its Mumbai facility.

To make this summer a really memorable experience for teenagers still as their parents while also enabling them to foster a powerful bond with one another, KidZania is offering a spread of engaging activities through the fest. Families can savours games like Mat Crawlers, Drop the Ball, Ladder Golf, or the Four-legged Team Race, which is able to not just help engage the kid in physical activities but also nurture a way of teamwork.

Aside from these, games like Jenga and Jumbo Sudoku will facilitate your boost your focus, memory, and thinking while learning to form DIY Tassel Earrings will allow you to bring out your creative side! The importance of indoor activities for youths can’t be denied mainly for 2 reasons one being the limited play area within the open and secondly the high levels of pollution that have engulfed the town.

Another important reason to cherish indoor activities for youths is that the undeniable fact that the temperatures are extreme just likes the scorching heat of summers and therefore the chilly winds of the winters. Indoor activities for youths assure that the youngsters are safe from the cruel environment and might still play.

The importance of youngsters learning games needs no explanation and so the power to be ready to derive pleasure indoor activities and games yearlong assures that the children grow mentally and physically. Moreover, the weekends also will see additional fun activities at the summer festival, like Caricature, where you’ll be able to get your face drawn within the sort of fine art.

Further, one may also style and adorn their hair by interlacing it with colorful yarns and threads or get their nails painted and decorated by an expert nail artist! Not just that, but a private style analyst will be available to assist you improve your appearance-clothing, grooming, and visual communication for social events or achieving whatever goal you have got in view.

Through its ‘Family Bonds Summer Festival 2022,’ KidZania aims to provide children and their parents how to spend more quality time together, far away from their screens, while engaging in games and activities, which is able to contribute to the kid’s overall growth and development.

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