Initiative: LG Electronics Approaches To Raise The Matter of E-waste


LG launches a new campaign towards the initiative of a sustainable future. On the moment of Earth Day announces enthusiastic yet inspiring campaign given the name of the Theme #UPGRADERESPONSIBLY which aims to find the ways of how scraping old electronics irresponsibly destroy the environment which finished our health system. The main moto to launch this video to spread awareness among the people who cooperate in helping to discard e-waste to save the planet.

The encouraging video directly indicates on the young couple who are about to throw out their old refrigerator to LG as they recall their memories with it, very nicely communicates a heart-touching story that how old electronics deserve a respectful goodbye. This video gives information about how e-waste expanding our problem day-by-day and scraping them trustworthy could affect human health.

This video inspiring other people that how one couple can responsibly scrap their old electronics with the help of an LG helpline and after that how LG reuses or scrap old electronics in a very decent manner.

As The MD of LG Electronics India Young Lak Kim, he said in her statement, “The Earth Day, we look forward to inspiring people with our latest campaign on how to scrape waste responsibly. This digital video describes the truth of every Indian home that we think about how LG products become an integral part of a consumers’ Journey, how the people keep this thing with their heart, and after that, how scraping them with responsibility can help save the environment.

Many of the LG Call centers are available across the country that directing our customers so that the people do the process of e-waste. We have only aimed to show this video spread awareness among the people can be able to discard their old electronics items irresponsibly which directly influence our health system.

Another advantage of scraping these electronic items will get by the people that they can exchange their old products like- Air conditioner, Televisions, washing machines, Refrigerator from the visit of nearest dealer shop.

LG is very happy that they served customers of 22-year service.

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