Instagram- a powerful digital marketing tool for business during pandemic


Instagram a social media tool that was given birth on the year 6th of October 2010, and since has taken the world in a whirlpool.

Since day one Instagram has been an august platform for photo sharing. Instagram has more than one billion active monthly users from around the globe among which are 25 million and still counting business profiles. Over 500 million Instagram stories are posted each day and about 1.6 billion likes are given. 80% of Instagram users follow one business account at least and 72% of the users say that they’ve bought a product on the platform from what they’ve seen. It has been made sure than with the correct plan one could become an influential brand, as there are other tons of influencers on Instagram with a huge number of followers. All one would need to do is post the right content to stay deep-rooted with the current followers as well as the incoming new ones. But nothing bears a fruitful fruit without some toil work done underground right?? So, let’s begin the toiling and sowing by these few steps for us to yield the perfect harvest;

  • Switch to a business profile

Before all the marketing plan, thinking comes the setting up of business account on Instagram. By doing this it gives us an upper hand as the followers can click on to the contact button and get in touch with you like from a website but here from the Instagram page itself.

  • Using free Instagram tools

Instagram allows you to create and publish Instagram ads without the need for Facebook ad tools, and it also has Instagram analytics tools called Insights which the user can access freely giving them a status about the reach and impression of the posts.

  • Posting of product teasers

This would hanker people gently into buying the products. Instagram is a great platform, to advertise but one shouldn’t scare them off with ads, but gently give them a push into curiosity eventually into wanting.

  • Using Instagram stories

Stories are not Instagram posts as they’d be alive for only 24 hours however could be saved and used at any point in the future, just like snap chat which is the top healthy competitor for Instagram. Story posting is made interesting as there are different kinds of features, like pictures, rewind video, short video, live, boomerangs, and many more.

  • Partner up with influencers

Using popular influencers would be very useful, like how coco-cola partnered up with Selena Gomez.

  • Posting

Post at the right time and never too much, cause if everything on their newsfeed is your brand then they’ll be quick to unfollow.

  • Make sure to track metrics

Tracking your follower count is important, that is how one will know if all the work, sowing, and ploughing is done in the right direction

Instagram marketing would be the best as everyone is locked up in their houses due to the lockdown with their phones and internet connection.



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