IPLIX Media and Jajabor Brand Consultancy have tied up for business


Jajabor Brand Consultancy (JBC), India’s fastest-growing integrated communication and PR strategic collective, has formally announced the launch of a dedicated creator economy wing, as well as strengthening ties with IPLIX Media, one of the country’s fastest-growing influencer marketing and talent management agencies. 

JBC saw the importance of holistic communication in the developing creative ecosystem thanks to the integrated communications mandate for IPLIX Media, which led to the development of this wing.

The previous year, the creator ecosystem has grown by leaps and bounds, with a startling 420 percent increase in valuation — and $800 million in venture capital invested in these creative companies year over year. 

The Metaverse has anticipated accelerating this expansion by giving artists a variety of revenue options. With a planned, growth-focused communications approach, JBC hopes to tap into this potential. 

The wing will be overseen by a dedicated team of PR, brand, and digital media professionals who will assist businesses in monetizing 50 million or more independent content producers, curators, and community builders across the world.

According to IPLIX Media Co-Founder Neel Gogia, the Creator Economy is experiencing a fundamental shift. Every stakeholder, including brands, investors, partners, and the media, understands the enormous untapped potential. If they simply look at the influencer economy in India, the sector is estimated to be worth $2200 crore. 

As a result, by extending their cooperation with Jajabor Brand Consultancy, they want to push the creative ecosystem even further. They are certain by working together, will create seismic shifts that will transform the industry for years to come.

JBC will be in charge of the brand’s end-to-end media strategy, corporate reputation management, and brand advising services as part of its mission. They’ll also handle media relations and strategic communications for many A-list Instagram influencers, including Saloni Gaur, Shlok Srivastava aka Tech Burner, Nikhil Sharma, and Neha Doodles, who are all affiliated with IPLIX. 

JBC has helped IPLIX Media win several awards for its brand and creators because of its focused storytelling. In addition, JBC’s customized strategy has aided the agency in generating leads.

Jajabor Brand Consultancy (JBC) is a ‘growth hacker’ who uses the power of targeted communications to elevate organizations and achieve demonstrable results. It has positioned itself at the crossroads of new generation PR, integrated communications, digital, and creative strategy to assist businesses in achieving their objectives and making a good influence on the ground. 

To increase business KPIs for the brand, the organization repeatedly evaluates and optimizes user activation and communication strategy utilizing data-driven techniques. 

In January, JBC announced its partnership with ShowReel, a startup founded by Sabeer Bhatia, a software veteran and the founder of Hotmail.

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